Challenges, Blessings, and Outreach 2018

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” – 2 Timothy 1:7

Hello again family and friends! The month of December has flown by, I ‘m currently writing this to you from our hotel in Ubon Ratachathani, Thailand.  I’m ecstatic for the opportunities that await us in this country. We’ve finished orientation, and have met with the brand new Ubon DTS and the Kona DTS, who we will be doing ministry with! God has some really great things in store for my team, I just know it! We will be working in children’s ministries, mainly partnering with churches, agriculture projects, prison ministries, and more in both Thailand and the Philipines!  It’s going to be amazing to see God’s hand move during this time and see the growth in our students and ourselves. Please be praying for our team during this time! We really believe that God wants to use us to provide new strength to the ministries going on, and to allow the field workers a chance to catch their breath and see what God has done through them. I’m personally so excited to serve, encourage, and remind them of how powerful a work they have done, and actively do, for the kingdom.

I really want to let you guys know how I’m doing personally as well, so here it goes. I thought I had grown a lot on my DTS, but through staffing, I now know that was just the tip of the iceberg in the plan God has for me. God has really thrown down some challenges for me, and I’m taking them on one by one. It’s not easy but it’s worth it! He has shown me more of who I am in Christ, and what it means to walk in even deeper relationship with Him. Sometimes it just hits me of what an absolute joy, honor, and blessing it is to be called the daughter of Christ. These past few months have really shown me how faithful He is to equip me for what He has called me to. I could not do the job I am doing without God’s help. I’m so glad I’ve dived headfirst into staffing the DTS (Discipleship Training School).

With that, I have another announcement! I have officially accepted the position of co-leading the next DTS. I will be leading with my dear friend and mentor, Courtney. And I will be pioneering an Outdoor track that will hopefully turn into a full-blown ministry directed towards reaching the youth of the North! God has been showing me more and more of how faithful He is, and because of that I feel confident that He will equip me as I step up and take on this new leadership position. That said, I would really covet your prayers for this new adventure, there is a lot of responsibility that goes with it, and a lot of planning.

God is doing great things in my life and in the world! I’m so happy that I get to be apart of equipping and sending out even more missionaries into the nations; to every walk of life.

I had a wonderful Christmas break at home with my family this year, it was a huge blessing and really wonderful to see them again, before leaving for 6 more months. God has really blessed me with a wonderful family, and getting to have all of us together again for Christmas was fantastic! I’m not sure how many more times we will be able to gather all together like that again in the future, so I’m particularly grateful for it.

As God is launching me into this new time, that holds more responsibility, I’m glad I can hold onto the promise He has given me in 2 Timothy “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” I can walk forward into this new season, and whatever other seasons lie ahead, with the knowledge that God’s love, power, and peace go with me every day.

Love you all and miss you!


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6 Responses to Challenges, Blessings, and Outreach 2018

  1. Deanna says:

    Great letter!! I love your heart and how you are following Jesus and letting him be the center of tour life. Having that center is the most important piece of life. I love getting to hear about the people you and your team are helping and your plans for the future. The only thing missing is more photos; you need to post way more photos!!
    ❤ mom 😉

  2. Tom and Diane Schiefer says:

    Love reading your blog, Tom and I pray for you and are so excited about all God has in store!

  3. Tom and Diane Schiefer says:

    As always, love reading your blog. Praying for many flowers in your life and those you touch.

  4. Debbie Allen says:

    So exciting to hear how God is growing you and using you, Dani!

  5. Garth Olson says:

    3/20/18 ! Stood in front of planned Parent
    hood,with Pastor Keith,went to Bible Study@Bobs,saw your Dad& Mom said hello,herd your going to have,family,come to
    See soon ! I had a hard time finding your,
    Blog have it know!

    • Garth Olson says:

      Read your posts,sounds like U are having a
      Great time,with your blessing & with your
      teachings of the,Lords work ! May Gòd ,bless U
      &KEEP YOU SAFE ! Amen for You !

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