Northern Norway, Round Three

Hello Everyone!

Wow, what a crazy summer and beginning of fall! In case you haven’t heard yet, I’m back in Norway!! I’ve been here about a month… well; sort of. Technically I’ve been in 4 countries in the span of 30 days; which has had me on about 10 flights, 2 and a half weeks in a tent, 1 backpacking trip, 2 conferences, 1 school module down, and the whole DTS school to go. WOOOHOOO!

Let me catch you up on what has been happening this past month and give you an idea of what is coming! I landed back in Norway on July 27th and immediately started preparations to go on a scouting backpacking trip for the outdoor track I will be leading this fall. Needless to say it was an awesome time! My co-leader (Jason) and I, hiked, spent time with Jesus, and planned the route on which we will take the students this fall. God really showed up and spoke about how the trip will look, and we are both so excited for this upcoming adventure!

Next up, Gofest. Gofest is a conference put on by YWAM Norway where they invite all their friends, family, previous ywamers, and fellow christians to come together and hear great teachings and worship together. Since I’m serving in YWAM Norway I had the joy to go volunteer and work at the conference. It was an amazing time of seeing God’s hand move and worshipping Him with fellow believers.

After Gofest we had a short drive and ferry ride across the North Sea. We ended up in Sjellboro, Denmark for Northern Europe DTS training. The DTS staff for this year, (Courtney, Tyler, and I) spent a week learning from, and fellow-shipping with other DTS staff from across Europe. Our lectures consisted of reviewing curriculum, how to communicate effectively what we believe, healthy mentor-student relationships, and how to lead with the Holy Spirit, etc. These have all helped build the foundation that will enable us to really follow God’s lead in our schools and grow further in our relationship with Him. Everything starts with us, as staff we are leading by example. If our relationship with Jesus is dry, our schools will be as well and our students will see emptiness where the love of Christ should be.

This fall I will be participating in a DTS leadership school; we will meet for three modules and have homework in between. The weekend right after DTS training, we had the first module of the school. Let me tell you it was AWESOME! Andreas Nordli, the leader of YWAM Norway was our teacher for the weekend. Something that really impacted me from the first school module is understanding of leadership styles in a cultural context. Being able to see and adjust my leadership style to fit within the culture I’m in helps me to grow and be a more effective leader.

Now that you have been brought up to speed on everything I’ve been up to since I left home, time for the best news of all! DTS HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED!!!!!
We have already spent three days in the mountains getting to know each other, spending quality time together (without our phones), doing super fun team building activities, worship and prayer. Now we are heading into the first week of teaching which will cover the gospel and hearing God’s voice.

I’m super pumped for all the work I know God will be doing in the lives of our students this year. I would also love to invite you all to join in praying for them with us! We have two boys and four girls, and three staff members (two girls and one boy). A few specific prayer points to keep in mind would be:
1.) The students would grow closer together, and the relationships formed here would be
life-giving and rich.
2.) The students would have softened hearts ready to receive from Jesus in this season.
3.) Wisdom and grace for our staff to lead them well and push them towards deeper
intimacy with Jesus.

I love my job, It has brought me into contact with some amazing Jesus loving people who want to see this world changed, and God’s love reign over all. I’m privileged to join the ranks with them to share the good news and to train others in what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

As always, if you are eager to know more about what I’m doing please don’t hesitate to send me an email, I would love to share more with you!

Much love,


DTS Staff Team! Tyler, Courtney, and Dani! (LtoR)

DTS Students! Brennan, Maria, and Anna (LtoR)

More DTS Students: Sara, Debbie, and Svein (LtoR)

Team building activity!

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