Prayer Requests

Hey all you prayer warriors out there!

We believe that the Father hears us when we pray so I wanted to invite you to add your voice to our prayers! John 15:7

Dani: I have accepted and will now be leading the next DTS on my own! Please pray for that God will speak clearly and give clear direction as I plan the school and recruit students and staff.

DTS: That God would send us more students and more staff! If you know anyone who you think would be interested in taking a DTS send them our way! We would love to have them. Also that God would really send us Norwegian students so that we can is Norway become more and more transformed into the nation God has called it to be.

Borgen – The growth of new ministries from our base. There will be a mission adventures, our base will take Young people from the area, to Russia this summer, so prayers covering the preparation and participants in that. The seminars we run, for Full Support, DTS Workshop, B2B (leadership training).

New Building – It’s been so amazing to be here from the seeing the walls being built to now the building is complete! So that is a prayer answer. I would like to invite you to join in praying to see it filled with His people!

That’s all for now, please check for new updates! 🙂