One Lesson At A Time

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Yup, it’s me again, and it’s time for another update on my life this summer. As you guys know (if you read my last blog post) I am going to be a missionary!! WOOHOO! Crazy I know, right? Well it’s the best thing I have decided to do since I ate a full tub of ice cream by myself. I just wanted to let you guys know how it is going and how you can get involved and support me!

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while, wondering what I should write and update you all about, and I think I’ve finally found it. It’s on my lesson (which I’m still learning) about pride, being able to receive blessings from others, and with that being totally dependent on God, because He really does provide. With that, here goes nothing.

I come from a family of hard workers, and yeah, I know, that’s no uncommon thing, or really, it’s what everyone says. I’m used to working for what I get, I bought/own my own car, my first computer, worked most summers on the farm and/or for the family business. Point in case, I am used to working for what I get, and I happen to really enjoy that. However, with that comes a sense of pride of “I can do this myself”. Over this past year, I really learned how much I CANNOT do this myself. I can’t do life myself, nor do I want to anymore, I have something that is forever and I’m overjoyed about it, I have Jesus. If you don’t know Him, you should get to know Him because He’s seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me. I digress though, the lesson here as you can obviously see, is my pride and what it does to rob me of joy in receiving blessings from others. I am sure that I am not the first nor the only missionary that received their call and went “Are you serious God? How am I going to pay for this?”. Admittedly I have drug my feet in writing my fundraising letters, and am still working up the gumption to send them out. (Don’t worry, I will). It has really given me cause to reflect though, why is this so gosh darn hard for me? Well after mulling it over, I really do think it comes down to my pride and my fear of being wholly dependent on God.

It’s one thing to say you’re dependent on God while you have a job that is paying you money, it’s another to work and depend on God moving in others to give to you. It’s like that trust fall exercise we all did as team building when we were younger. Turn around and fall backwards completely trusting your friend to catch you before your head smashes into the ground. If you had any friends like mine growing up, they let you fall past the panic point before they caught you, but they always caught me. That is what I’m doing now. I’m going to turn around and trust; I know God has called me and He has my back. It might be scary and I might go past my panic point, but in the end, He will always catch me and provide. So, if you feel led, and want to join with me in saving the galaxy, click the link under “about me” and read through my fundraising letter. I’m excited for this journey and even more pumped to see what God does next in my life. Stay tuned!

Love, Dani

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  1. Bodil Ovesen says:

    Dani!I am proud of you!!!

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