Seeya Thailand, Next Stop: The Philippines

It’s so crazy to believe that we are already four weeks into outreach! Our time in Thailand is over, and we’ve arrived in the Philippines. We’ve only experienced 38 days of 2018 and I can’t wait to see that the next 327 days will hold!

Our time in Thailand has been quite an adventure. We’ve worked with schools, juvenile centers, villages, homeless, slums, done practical work and taught English! God really opened a lot of doors for us to go and spread the good news. In these ministries we’ve had the privilege to share bible stories, sing worship, and do skits that represented all that Christ does for us.

In the schools we did a program, that included songs, games, a skit, and a bible story, sometimes we would get to share a personal testimony as well with them. The ages were usually around 5-12 years old. After an hour or so of our program we would follow the different grades to their classes and teach them English for another hour. My teaching partner and I focused on teaching about the different modes of transportation, (i.e. car, truck, plane, helicopter, motorcycle, taxi.) We would write it on the board and have them repeat after us. Following that, we had them practice writing it and do crazy motions and sounds that described each object, in hopes that it would help them remember it in future. About half the schools we went to were for disabled kids and adults. My heart really goes out to them, it was so much fun to do songs and skits for them! The joy on their faces that someone came to visit them, and wanted to perform for them was enough to melt any heart, it certainly melted mine.

 The other ministry that left a huge impact on my heart was the village ministry. We went to two villages for three days each. In the first village we went to it was all practical work, we were visiting a church and pastor who was building a home for abused children, specifically girls. The walls were up and that was it. Over the course of the three days, we painted the whole thing and helped put the roof on it! It was so awesome! Soon little girls will find hope, love, and healing in that place away from the abuse they have already suffered. God is so GOOD! I am so blessed to be apart of such a project. It was also a wonderful time of fellowship with the other YWAM team that was there from Kona. We killed a pig together and had BBQ and then a goat the next night! Talk about some of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten! It was wonderful to sit out underneath the stars in the countryside of Thailand with a huge fire blazing and friends all around.

The second village we went to had never seen foreigners before, we were the first white people and Christians to ever come to that village in Thailand. I know that there are still people in this world who have never heard of Jesus, but to meet them and tell them about Jesus, WOW! It was so amazing! We visited the sick and prayed for them, we went to their schools and did skits, told stories, and taught them English. We worshiped in the place we were staying (right next to a buddhist temple) and sang out praises to God for everyone to hear. The best part was at the end of the three days, one of the teachers, from a school we had been at, came back to learn more about the stories we had told her students. She wanted to be able to retell them and help the students understand them. The Kona team had the new testament in Thai and gave it to her, please join me in praying that she will be the first covert in that village.

With all that accomplished, it’s still hard to believe that out of all the things in the world I could be doing right now, I’m a teacher in a bible school. If you had asked me even a year and a half ago, what I would be doing in 2018 the answer would have been very far from what is my current reality. At the same time, I have never been happier in life than I am now, the feeling of purpose living for Christ and following His calling on my life brings so much joy even in the hard times. More than that though, is the peace that fills my heart, I don’t have to worry about what life will throw at me. I will do my best. I get to lean on someone who is much greater than I am and ultimately, He takes care of me. No matter what life brings, there is always hope for tomorrow because Jesus holds all of my tomorrows. What a comfort and joy!

Thank you all for following along with my journey here, our students are inspiring me daily with their growth and hunger for more of who Christ is. They have more confidence by the day, and are certainly not the people we met back in September in Borgen. Please pray for their continued growth and the unity of our team as we take on this next phase of outreach in the Philippines!

Much love,



As always, if you feel led to donate, there is a tab above that will take you to my donations page. With that I would also like to ask for two of our students, they have paid all their outreach fees, but have little money for anything else. So if you donate and it’s for them, drop me an email with the amount and I will make sure it gets to them.


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2 Responses to Seeya Thailand, Next Stop: The Philippines

  1. Deanna says:

    What a beautiful story about God’s love for us and how powerful He is through us when we are willing. Oh the joy that we can share with others!! Thanks for sharing the details of the work and letting us come with you in words and pictures. We are so blessed to be a small part of this operation of hope and love. I will be praying Ephesians 3:14-19 for all of you as you are finishing up your journey in the Philippines; may those you meet come to know the saviour and His love for them. Love and Blessings ❤

  2. Leif Bjorke says:

    Wow, really amazing work. What an incredible experience.

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