Spring YWAM Adventures and Updates

Where to begin? Spring has been a journey! A time of preparations, celebrations, and the best of course, sharing the good news.

Between working on the DTS and preparing for this fall. I’ve been blessed to join in a DTS Foundational Workshop, practical work at our base, a pioneering Bible to All project in Sweden, and join in on an evangelical conference in Vienna, Austria.

DTS Foundational Workshop. As most of you know, I’m currently leading the DTS at the Northern most YWAM base in the world. For the past few years our international DTS center has been working on a reframe of the DTS curriculum. As our movement continues we want to stay current with our ever increasingly international crowd of students and bases. This workshop was heavily focused on introducing the new reframe to the Northern DTS staff teams, training and equipping them to turn out the best schools we can. It was an awesome time of learning, strengthening friendships, and seeking God’s heart for discipleship in Northern Europe.

Following that, we had a dugnad week at our base! Dugnad is basically the old style work party, all the staff gathered together to do practical work around the base and prepare it for a new season. It was awesome to work with our hands; gardening, painting, raking leaves, trimming trees, etc. It’s a huge blessing to steward the property and buildings God has given us. Our heart is to honor God by taking good care and making the place He has given us beautiful and well kept.

Then to Sweden we went! About half of our staff from Borgen made the 12 hour trip down to Vilhemina Sweden to partner with them in launching the Bible to All project in their nation. Bible to All is a project we have been doing for the past few years in Northern Norway, it’s an initiative to offer a free bible to every home in the country. We have had so much help from the Swedish bases in handing out bibles and this time it was our turn to go help them. Thank you all so much for praying for us as we handed out the bible! It was received so well! We handed out over 1,000 bibles to homes in Vilhemina county.   

Awakening Europe. Wow. I had heard really good things about this conference and its heart to see the cities of Europe set on fire for Christ again but it went above and beyond my expectations. Courtney and I decided we would go and join for the full week and be a part of their “Flood Event”. The Flood event was about 100 people hitting the streets of Vienna armed with the gospel and free tickets to the conference. We shared the gospel, prayed for people, invited them to hear about Jesus. At the conference itself over 800 people gave their lives to Jesus. It was amazing to see the power of God move and His love invade and change lives.

Then it was back to Norway for some staff bonding and a farewell party for Courtney. Courtney has been my mentor, best friend, role model, and all around best big sister anyone could ask for. She has served as a DTS staff, Base Leadership team, DTS Leader, among other things during her 4 year stay in Norway. It was definitely a tough goodbye, but I’m excited where God will take her next as she heads into Hollywood to see it redeemed and changed by God’s love.

Thank you all for your continued love and support! I will be coming back with another update of the summer and the plans for the fall soon!

Much Love,


PS. If you haven’t yet, check out my facebook page “No Rain, No Flowers” for smaller updates and more pictures!

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