The Joy of Doing a DTS Again

Family and Friends!

Hello! Where to begin, it’s been way too long since my last update. So much has been happening up here in the far north. The snow has finally arrived and has been sticking for about a week now. It snowed once before, but it all melted and turned into a solid two inches of ice (super fun to walk on, not). The dark season has arrived, and everyday is darker than the one before. The sun doesn’t reach over the mountains anymore, but the moonlight on the snow gives off its own glow, that is just as beautiful.

The joy of doing a DTS as staff, is that we get to sit in on most of the classes to learn, and walk with the students as they learn more about the God they’ve given six months of their life’s to. Watching God move in their life’s and seeing it grow and change them brings an indescribable joy to my heart. I’m reminded each day of what a privilege, and blessing it is to be apart of their journey.  The topics we’ve had this past month and a half, have all touched on the important topic of Head knowledge vs. Heart knowledge. The difference between, knowing a truth in your mind, vs. knowing it in your heart. The students and I have spent the past month and half learning what it means to take the things we know in our heads, and have them become rooted in our hearts. So many times we read our bibles, and hear verses such as: Jer. 1:7 (We are children of God), or John 15:15 (We are a friend of Jesus). We know them to  be true in our heads, but what does it take for them to take root in our hearts, and transform our actions? Do we treat others like they are a child of God, and a friend of Jesus, do we treat ourselves like we are? My answer is “no”, I think I do okay at treating others according to that truth, but what I’ve realized is that I don’t treat myself like I am a child of God. Two of my favorite, yet so different weeks that both highlighted this, was the teaching on the Father Heart of God, and Social Justice and Government. How on earth are these in the same realm, you ask? Read on, and I’ll tell you.

The Father Heart of God week covered, as its name suggests, who God is as a Father to us and how He loves, provides, protects, encourages and disciplines us. There are so many things God does as our Father that we completely miss. It is so important to recognize ourselves and others as His children because it dictates how we treat each other! If we view God as our Father, who loves us and says we’re beautiful, then who are we to say otherwise? When we were children, it didn’t matter what we wore, what we did, or how silly we acted, we knew we were loved and that made everything okay.

The Social Justice and Government week went over what our duty and call is in the field of ministry. As adults, we look at this world and how horribly people are treated, so we make laws that forbid cruel treatment. Slavery is illegal, abuse is illegal, murder is illegal, etc. All these things and more are illegal because we value life, and even more so because they too are children of God.

It has been my greatest joy this past month and a half watching the students and myself grow more into these simple truths. The best thing is, it’s only the beginning, there is so much more to learn about who God is and what being His child means for each and every one of us. A journey of a lifetime, has only just begun, there are so many blessings and challenges that await, but we’re ready because we know who stands behind us.

I’ve updated my prayer requests tab so please check it out and see how you can pray for us up here in the North. As always, if you would like to join in and support my ministry here, click on the donations tab. If you would like to drop me a line, my email is included in the about me page. I would love to hear from you!

Blessings and love,


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  1. Cheryl Bishop says:

    Dani, I absolutely LOVE reading about your wonderful journey! Praying for you and everyone there. Blessings to you!

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