Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

We’re already a month into our DTS! I can’t believe how fast time is moving. The wilderness trip is still by far one of my favorite things about DTS, our intro week is depriving the students of their phones and taking them up into the mountains and we stay in a cabin together for a couple of days. We do bible studies, team building, roast hot dogs, and s’mores.  I love it because we have to spend time together, there’s nothing to distract, except of course God’s fantastic creation. Yet, our mutual marvel at God’s creation brings us closer together, sitting around a table singing worship songs by candlelight, it creates a fellowship that I absolutely love.

With that week finished, we came back down from the mountains and started into regular classes. Our first week’s topic was The Bible. One of our base leaders, and our DTS leader Agnete taught this week. I can definitely say I will never get tired of hearing people teach on how to study God’s word. I learn something new every time; see it in a way I haven’t before, it fascinates me how many things I can get from reading the same passage.

Since then, we’ve had three more weeks of teaching and will soon be launching into another week, which will be our first track week, the Justice and Youth track students will split and receive teaching specific to their tracks. Thus far we’ve covered the topics of prayer, evangelism, and the nature and character of God. It’s been amazing to see the growth of the students in just one month. How they have come out of their shells more and more with each other, with us, and the teachers. They have had such great questions and are hungry to learn more about their Creator which is awesome to see. I’m so blessed to walk alongside them in this process and continue to grow myself during it. It’s the best part of being a part of a community of believers, the journey is never done, there is always more to learn about our Creator. It’s pretty exciting and there’s only more coming, God has some amazing things in store for this DTS group.

In other news: I have two big announcements for you all! I have been praying about starting an outdoor track here at Borgen and I feel God has said to “Go for it”! I would greatly appreciate your prayers in this matter as I explore all the possibilities for doing such a track. Second, we’ve decided on our outreach locations! Our team will be heading to Thailand and the Philippines in January! Please keep us in your prayers as we seek out what ministries we will be apart of in those great countries! Always, if you want to know more details or have questions of what we’re up to drop me an email at norainnoflowers14@gmail.com!



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