Time For Updates and a Change of Plans

My dearest friends!

Apologies for the delay, I had everything written and ready to go and somehow it all got deleted. The joys of technology!

This past summer was so amazing! I attended three weddings in the two and a half weeks after arriving home mid-June! It was a crazy blur of celebration! Two of the weddings were my cousins who are the same age as me. It was amazing to see them commit their lives and find their forever person. Seems like yesterday we were playing at the ball fields together and look at us now. Besides that, it was a summer to hang out with friends and family and reconnect after being gone for so many months. A big plus and blessing was that all my brothers live in Washington now (so cool!), so we had a lot of great, quality family time!

I wanted to give you all an update on some highlights that have occurred since coming back to Norway after a month in the states. It’s been a season of God stretching and growing me in ways I never thought possible. The past few months have been full of unexpected shifts and changes.

The crazy thing about ministry is that it never really goes according to your plans. It’s been a full season of so many unexpected things. Since returning to Norway: we’ve canceled the DTS, I’ve been in three conferences, three training’s, traveled to youth groups, contacted churches, cleaned and worked practically around the base, and more. It’s been crazy.

This is going into my fourth year here and I never thought that the DTS could or would actually be canceled. In previous years I remember being nervous about the number of students but it always worked out. However, this year it simply did not, we went from having five students to having one. Obviously you can’t run a school with one student, so we had to cancel it. It was truly a shock to me. When I prayed about returning this year, I felt that it was specifically to lead the DTS. It’s definitely a time of pushing into God, seeing as I’m not exactly sure what this season should look like for me. It’s been a journey of coming together as a base to pray for the next DTS, seek new vision, and recommit ourselves to what we believe DTS at Borgen should look like.

In the meantime, we have taken to the road! There may not be a DTS this year, but there is still plenty of work to do. We have set out to grow our connections again here in the north, to travel to different youth groups and churches to minister to those around us. Seeking ways to engage more and serve the area that God has put us in. It’s easy to feel like nothing is happening because nothing is going according to plan. Or at least, nothing is going according to my plans… Yet the amazing thing is, God is still moving, opening and closing doors, and it’s all an opportunity to grow in faith if chosen to see it that way.

So now, I’m leading a mobilizing ministry team that is doing a ton of different things. The DTS staff have decided to stay together and we will travel throughout the north to share the gospel, work with youth, and invest deeper than we could have done had we run a DTS this year. Even in the chaos of changed plans for this year, God is blessing us with new opportunities.

I’m definitely blessed with a life that forces me to trust Jesus so much, and challenges me to continually put down my plans in exchange for His. So if you guys could be praying for a few things, that would be amazing!

Prayer Points:

1. Traveling Ministry Team: That God will open doors for us to share His love and heart with those around us, and set a fire for missions here.

2. Youth Work: We are pushing into new youth work programs and trying to get them off the ground

3. Revelation of God’s heart for the north: That God would pour out on us afresh His heart for the northern regions to see His will be done here

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